Our Story

 In 1814 Judge David Mitchell purchased the first Mitchell farm in Jerome Township.  Five generations and almost 200 years later, Shelly and her husband Paul planted more than 2500 raspberries.  We harvested our first crop in 2006 and Mitchell’s Berries was born.  Talk about sustainability!  Today we are growing 6 acres of U Pick strawberries, summer red and black raspberries, edamame, asparagus and fall red raspberries. 


9331 Mitchell Dewitt Rd. Plain City, Ohio

Growing Things

We grow things a little different around here.  Our strawberries and black raspberries are grown in plastic and landscaping fabric to help us with weed control.  Paul is state certified to apply anything on our farm.  We use both organic and conventional products to produce high-quality berries and vegetables.  We do not use anything to lengthen shelf life so you should eat your berries within 3 days and visit us often.

Chandler-Our strawberry variety that arrives early in mid to late May.  Very red, big and awesome flavor.  You won't want another berry after you taste these!

Jewell-A variety of black raspberry that arrives first on the scene in late June.  The fruit is glossy black in color, a large size, and has a rich raspberry flavor. It is an excellent choice for use in jams and jellies. 

Mac Black-A variety of black raspberry that follows Jewell into July.  They have excellent flavor and good size. 

Royalty-Our purple variety of raspberry which comes late season along with Mac Blacks.  It has large high quality berry and is the sweet. Good for fresh eating and excellent for jams and jellies.  Taste like cotton candy.

Nova-Our summer variety of red raspberry.  They are firm, bright-red, medium to large and have good shelf life. They come in late June shortly before our black raspberries begin. 

Caroline-This is our main red raspberry with a large berry with rich, full, and intense raspberry flavor. Caroline peaks late August and goes until frost.  Great picking in September! ​ 

Our farm truck  - Our 1954 Chevy 3100 is Mitchell’s Berries.  You will see our farm truck at the farm and around town at parades.  We hope you will enjoy the nostalgic feel the old truck brings to mind.  It is a reminder of a slower, simpler time when friends and neighbors shared the bounty of a successful growing season.   Come Taste the Difference at Mitchell’s Berries, and make your own memories down on the farm.  


What type of payment do you accept?  Cash is preferred.  Cards are accepted.  Checks received.

Do we need to bring containers?  You are welcome to bring your own containers.  We'll weigh them before and adjust after picking. Containers are available for purchase at the farm.   All fruit is priced per pound.

Are you organic? Do you spray?  Mitchell’s Berries uses both organic and conventional products to fight disease, weeds and bugs to produce high quality produce.  We believe these are safe for your family as well as ours.  Paul has taken extensive classes and is a certified applicator.  He follows all label instructions on both organic and conventional products used on the farm.

Can we eat the berries out of the field?  We don’t want you to load your tummy up with berries in the field but you are welcome to enjoy a berry or two.   We do recommend hand washing prior to entering the fields. 

Do you have a bathroom?  We have a portable toilet and hand washing is available. 

Can we bring our pets or service animals? No pets are allowed at the farm due to food safety and safety of our customers.  Service and companion animals (with documentation) are welcome in the grass outside the picking areas.

How do you remove berry stains?  Whirlpool’s laundry guide recommends the following:  Do not use a soap on fruit stains.  Try soaking immediately in cool water.  Cover with an oxygen-type bleach and hot water.  Wait 15-30 minutes.  Wash.  For old stains, sponge with white vinegar and rinse.  Then repeat above.  You can also try a commercial stain remover.

Can we take professional pics with the truck and on the farm?  ​We get a lot of requests from photographers.  We love you love our farm and truck.   If you are a professional photographer please contact us for a liability release, availability and rates exceeding 30 minutes.  

     Mini-session availability coming soon during bloom seasons